LG replacement remote

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    URC 4911
    LG TV Replacement Remote
    1 device
    • No setup required
    • Works with all types of LG TVs
    • Learning feature
    • Keys include common LG functions + 3 app shortcut keys

LG replacement remote

Nothing is more annoying than losing your TV controller between the couch cushions, stacks of papers or even underneath the sofa. Most times you will find the TV remote back—even if it is after a few days (or weeks…). But what if you are not able to find it? What if your LG remote is lost forever? Or what should you do when it is broken? This is the moment that you start looking for a LG replacement remote. One For All offers a wide range of LG replacement remotes that could be the solution for you.

At the One For All website, we offer a lot of remotes that can be used as your LG TV remote control replacement. Our replacement remotes are guaranteed to work 100% to all LG TV models. It does not matter if you own a LCD, LED, Plasma, OLED or QLED model, our LG replacement remotes are always suitable for these models. Quickly take a look at the overview of all our LG TV remote replacements. You will find out that we offer the most user-friendly products that make you television-watching-live a little easier. With our solutions we bring the ultimate home comfort directly to you. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite LG remote control replacement!

Characteristics and controls of a LG remote control replacement

The LG replacement remotes that One For All offers, obtain all the same functions of an original LG remote. Thanks to the right programming of our replacement TV controllers, you do not have to program it yourself. You can just unpack your new remote and start controlling your LG television. Our LG replacement remotes include all common LG functions like: Menu, Guide, Energy Saving, Netcast, AD, 3D and Source.

Next to all the common LG functions, our LG TV remote replacements obtain a ‘learning function’. This means that your LG replacement remote can ‘learn’ to copy advanced or missing functions straight from the original remote of your Blu-ray- or DVD-player for example. How you can make your replacement controller ‘learn’ from other remotes is explained in the added manual. Even though the specifics are described in the manual, we can give you one important tip: make sure that all remotes are working and have working batteries in. Also, to learn new functions, the LG replacement remote should be approximately 3 cm from the original remote and pointing towards it. If you find yourself having any trouble with the learning functions, or with the instalment of the replacement remote, please look at our support page.

Choose your LG TV remote control replacement now at the One For All website

If you have lost the original TV remote of your LG television, or when the original remote is broken, you are probably looking for a new one. You can find a LG TV remote replacement easily at the One For All website. When you have found your favorite, you just have to follow the steps of the ordering process accordingly. Then, within a few days, you are the proud owner of a new remote!