Hisense Replacement Remote

  • URC1916 Hisense TV Remote
    URC 1916
    Hisense TV Replacement Remote
    1 device
    • No setup required
    • Works with all types of Hisense TVs
    • Learning feature
    • Keys include all common Hisense functions
  • URC1281_mani
    URC 1281
    Essence 8
    8 devices
    • Combines 8 remotes into 1
    • Easy Setup in 3 simple steps
    • Learning feature
    • App Shortcut key
  • URC1241_main
    URC 1241
    Essence 4
    4 devices
    • Combines 4 remotes into 1
    • Easy Setup in 3 simple steps
    • Learning feature
    • App Shortcut key
  • URC1211_main
    URC 1211
    Essence TV
    1 device
    • Ready for your Samsung TV remote. No setup required
    • Easy Setup in 3 simple steps
    • Learning feature
    • 100% Single use plastic free packaging

Hisense remote

Are you looking for a new Hisense remote control? At the One For All website you will not find an original Hisense TV remote, but you will find our Hisense replacement remote. All of our replacement remote controls are able to perform the exact same functions as the original remote controls. Our Hisense replacement remote control is even 100% compatible with all types of Hisense televisions. So, it does not matter if you own a Hisense TV or a Plasma, LCD, LED, OLED or QLED television—the Hisense TV remote from One For All will work (compatibility is guaranteed)! The only thing that you need to do is to insert some brand new batteries and start watching television like never before!

If you choose one of the replacement remote controls from One For All, you will get more than just a replacement remote. All of our replacement TV remotes feature an unique learning function which makes the remote more special than the original one. Thanks to this learning feature your new Hisense remote is able to ‘learn’ any function from any other working remote control. This can be really useful if you are missing one or more functions from your original remote control that you would like to add to the new one. The unique learning feature that our remotes incorporate is just one of the things that One For All offers to make your television-viewing-experience a little easier. We strive to bring the ultimate home comfort directly to you and therefore try to create the most user-friendly products. So, are you looking for a new Hisense TV remote since you have broken or lost the old one? Or are you really excited to try our learning feature? Take a quick look at all of the Hisense TV remote controls that One For All has to offer!

Characteristics and controls of a Hisense television remote

One of the biggest advantages of our Hisense TV remotes is that you do not have to learn anything new. Since, our replacement remotes contain all the same functions as the original remote controls, you can just start using them. There even is no setup required for most Hisense televisions! Just insert two (working) AAA-batteries and start watching television—switch between channels, turn the volume up or down, mute the volume, go to Fasttext or any other function you wish to perform. Are some of the buttons or functions not working properly? Please take a look at the included manual for some tips and tricks that may help you solve the problem or finish the installation. Do you still have some questions about the Hisense TV remote or the functions? You will also the some information on the support page for our Hisense replacement remote.

As mentioned before, our Hisense replacement remotes contain another unique function: their full learning feature. Thanks to the learning abilities from our replacement remotes, your new remote is able to copy missing or advanced functions straight from the original Hisense remote control. This means that the replacement remote can even perform functions for your sound bar of AMP. You can read more about the learning feature in the added manual.

If you want your new Hisense replacement remote control to learn new functions immediately, we have one important tip for you: make sure that both the replacement remote as the original one has working batteries in them. Also, try to place the replacement Hisense remote no further than 3 cm away from the original remote. Place both remote controls pointing toward each other when enabling the learning feature—the precise steps are all explained in the user manual. It is possible to learn up to 50 new functions on your Hisense replacement remote! If the remote blinks two times for a longer time, this indicates that the memory is full and you have to delete a function before the remote can learn anything new. If you find yourself having any troubles when installing the remote or with the learning feature please let us know!

Installing a Hisense remote control

Next to the special learning feature of our Hisense TV remote control, there is another special feature that makes our remotes unique: there is no setup required. The only thing that you need to do is to put some batteries in the remote control. You can then test the Hisense remote control by pressing some of the keys. Do the keys work? Then you are already done! If the keys do not work immediately, then you can follow the instructions in the added manual. There are even some additional images which will help you even more with the installation process. Just make sure that your Hisense TV remote has working batteries in them before you start with the instalment.

Choose your Hisense remote control now at the One For All website

If you have found your new Hisense replacement remote control at our website, the only thing left for you to do is to finish the ordering process. At the One For All website you can select your favorite and you will then be redirected to one of our retailers’ websites. There you can follow the steps of the ordering process accordingly. Then, within a few days, you are the proud owner of a Hisense TV remote control and you can start watching television again!