SV9440: How can I mount the Indoor Antenna to the wall?

In order to mount the antenna to the wall, please use the provided black wall mount and screws to fix it to the desired position on the wall.

Before you drill the required holes needed for mounting; please take the following into account:

  • Ensure that the distance between the antenna and TV (or STB, depending on which device you intend to connect the antenna to) is within the length of the coaxial cable (3m).
  • Make sure to test the received signal (on the TV/STB) with the antenna in the desired position BEFORE you drill the holes; 
    • it is advisable to position the antenna on the desired area of the wall, and fix it in place temporarily with tape, blu tack or similar non-permanent adhesives. 
    • (N.B. it is not advisable to test the antenna by holding it in place, as the human body could interfere with the signal)
  • Please refer to the user manual for a pictorial representation of the wall mounting procedure, and general information regarding the Indoor antenna.