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Wireless 2.4 Ghz TV Sender

SV 1715

Where to buy?

Maximise your digital TV experience

Wireless distribution of recordings, pay-tv, video and audio signal through walls and ceilings to your second TV in another room

Share your channels

Share your channels

Share your TV channels wirelessly with your second TV set, up to 50 meters.

Additional Information

Product code SV 1715
Digital TV
STB (Satellite / Cable / Terrestrial)
Blu-Ray / DVD
Interference free technology
RCA connectors
Scart Cable included
Video signal input Composite (CVBS)
Video signal output Composite (CVBS)
Frequency 2.4 GHz
Channels 4
Range clear line of sight up to 50 meters
Antenna Internal
Frequency_IR 433.92 MHz
Remote signals (IR) 38 Khz
Antenna (IR) External
AC/DC adaptor 9C DC/300 mA

FAQs & Solutions

  • Using a remote control, I cannot control the video source from the second TV. Aim the remote control directly at the RECEIVER unit and ensure that there are no obstacles in between. Ensure that there is no other wireless device (wireless headphones, speakers, RF control signals) interfering with the remote control. Make sure that TRANSMITTER and RECEIVER are more than 16 ft (5 m) apart.

    Make sure to use the remote control of the video source.

    Reposition the IR Eye on the video source OR place the IR Eye 2 - 4 inch (5 - 10 cm) in front of the video source. Read more
  • What can I do if I get a bad picture/sound quality on my second TV? Try to find out if the way the cables are placed cause interference and also make sure that the distance between the TRANSMITTER and RECEIVER unit is less than 100 ft (30 m). Read more
  • What can I do with the Double input 2.4GHZ AV sender with RCE? It sends audio and video signal wirelessly from one room to another room through walls and ceilings. Read more
  • With which kind of devices is the ouble input 2.4GHZ AV sender with RCE compatible? The AV sender is compatible with VCR, Satellite, Cable, DVD, Camcorder, Digital TV Decoder. Read more
  • Can I purchase an additional receiver? Unfortunately, the receivers are not sold separately. However, the receiver from a complete new set will be compatible with the transmitter you already have. Read more
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