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I have a newer Philips TV and when I put the batteries in most keys work but not the Channel Up & Down?

First reset the remote to be sure. Hold down Green and Yellow until the red LED under the Power key blinks twice, and press 981 (the LED should blink 4 times)

  1. Turn the TV on (and make sure it is on a channel, not an inputs such as HDMI 1)
  2. Hold down Red and Blue until the LED blinks twice
  3. While pointing towards the TV, hold down Channel Up. As soon as the Channel goes up one, release the Channel Up key – this will probably happen instantly so be prepared.
  4. The remote should now operate Channel Up and Down as well as other standard functions.

Additional Information:

Depending on the model, it may happen that a key such as Guide does not work. If so, repeat the above using the Guide key and wait for Guide to appear on the screen


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