What is an Activity?

What is an Activity?

An Activity is a feature that simplifies control over multiple devices. It enables the user to operate multiple devices as if they were one by combining control of various AV remotes into one Activity mode. For example, a Watch TV Activity will combine the functions of AV remotes you use to watch TV. The Smart Control 8 offers five different activities. 

How does an Activity work?

After activating an activity you will be able to control multiple AV devices without switching between control modes, let alone switching between different remotes. An Activity groups two or more devices into a single mode. For example by selecting the Watch TV Activity, the keys on the One For All remote will control only the relevant device, so in this example the Volume keys will control the TV or Soundbar, but the channel keys will control the Set Top Box.

Which Activities are available?

  • Watch TV
  • Watch Movie,
  • Listen to Music 
  • Play Game 
  • Custom Activity 

How to setup an Activity?

Some of the One For All remote controls come with preinstalled activity modes. You can either choose to use a default set of devices or to use a different combination of the same devices. For the default set, no setup is needed. For a different combination, a simple procedure needs to be followed.