URC1210: How can I learn a missing function on my Contour remote using the original remote control?

Your One For All remote is capable of copying functions straight from the original remote control that came with your device.

To use the Learning feature, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Press and hold down the SETUP key until the red LED underneath the POWER key blinks once then twice.
  2. Press 9 7 5
  3. Press and release the key you want to learn a function onto (for example the TV Power key) – The red LED will blink continuously.
  4. Press and release the corresponding key on the original remote, for example Power.
  5. The red LED will blink twice to indicate the key has been learned correctly.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each key you want to learn – remember you can learn from multiple remotes, but only one function per key.
  7. When you learned all the functions you require, press and hold the SETUP key until the red LED blinks twice.

Please note:

  • If the red LED shows one long blink at step 6, the function was not learned correctly, please try again from step 3.
  • If you find one or more keys don’t work properly after set up, you can re-enter the learning mode at any time by repeating the procedure from step 1.