Mounting Accessories

  • WM6010_main
    WM 6010
    Wall Stud Frame
    • For metal and wood stud walls
    • Fits any One For All turn Wall mount
    • Adds only 25 mm of wall distance
    • Stud distance up to 600 mm
  • WM5330 Speaker mount
    WM 5330
    Universal Speaker Wall Mount
    • Total freedom with up/down and left/right adjustability
    • 3 kg weight limit
    • Mounting materials included
  • WM5320 Projector Mount
    WM 5320
    Universal Projector Mount
    • Swiveling feature to adjust the projection
    • 15 kg weight limit
    • Mounting materials included
  • WM5311 Accessories Shelf
    WM 5311
    Universal Accessories Shelf
    • Supports your Set Top Box
    • 8 kg weight limit
    • Mouting materials included
    • Simple installation
  • WM5221_main_small
    WM 5221
    Universal Media Player Holder
    • Enjoy an uncluttered look
    • Ideal for small devices, such as media players
    • Mouting materials included
  • WM5211 Sound bar Mount
    WM 5211
    Universal Sound bar Brackets
    • Attach your Sound bar to your TV
    • Mounting materials included
    • No need to drill extra holes in your wall
  • WM5010_main
    WM 5010
    Stud Finder
    • Can be used on plasterboard, wood and metal studs
    • Easily detects metal and wood stud frames