Smart HDMI switch

SV 1620

Connect 4 devices to 1 HDMI port on your TV

Maximise your digital TV experience

Connect up to four devices to just one HDMI port on your TV. You only need one cable from the Smart Switch to your TV.

4 HDMI inputs

4 HDMI inputs

Always the right input. The Smart Switch uses intelligent switching technology that automatically selects the right source, making things easier than ever. Suitable for connecting up to 4 HDMI devices to one HDMI port on your TV with a single cable. The intelligent switching technology always selects the device you powered up last.

Additional Information

Product code SV 1620
Full HD video support
3D video support
Smart Switch technology
STB (Satellite / Cable / Terrestrial)
DVD / Blu-ray
Game consoles
Digital cameras / Camcorders
iPad / Tablets
HDMI inputs 4
HDMI outputs 1
Power supply 5V DC / 100mA
Version v1.3
HDCP compliant Yes
HDMI-CEC compatible Yes
Digital audio compliancy up to DTS HD and Dolby True HD


  • "Can I connect to the HDMI switch any type of HDMI cables ? "

    Yes, the HDMI switch works with any HDMI cable (connector type). Best of use will be the certified HDMI cables that support the required transmission speed. High Speed HDMI cables are recommended.

  • "My HDMI switch is on standby and does not automatically turn on when I turn on my DVD, PS3, etc. What I can do? "

    Make sure that your DVD, PS3, TV are CEC compatible and enabled on your devices (see instruction manual of your device).

  • "My 3D TV does not show 3D content, how can I solve this issue? "

    Make sure that your 3D source and TV/display are supporting the same 3D format and that the proper format is selected (check instruction manual of your TV, DVD, etc).
    If the HDMI Switch does not automatically detect the last device turned on,
    please turn off the device currently watched and turn on the device you want to operate. Please note that there are few devices (e.g. Apple TV1) that still output a video signal when in standby. In certain situations the HDMI switch will not recognize the device as off. if this is your case please switch manually the HDMI switch to the correct input.



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    Instructional Video