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One For All

Signal amplifier

SV 9510

Maximise your digital TV experience

Amplify and split analogue or digital video broadcast, DVB-C/DVB-T signals to 1 output.

Additional Information

Product code SV 9510
Analogue / Digital
DVB-T / DVB-T2 (FreeView)
Full HD
Number of outputs 1
Mountable to wall
Power on/off switch
Gain (dB) 10
Noise Figure (dB) 3.5
Impedence 75 Ω
Low power consumption


  • What is the use of the SV 9510?

    The SV 9510 Signal Amplifier is designed to boost the signals of your antenna or cable box, this allows you to distribute the signal to multiple devices and/or use longer cable/cables without losing picture and sound quality.

  • How can I adjust picture or sound quality is they are unsatisfying?

    Position the amplifier as close as possible to the antenna (or antenna signal input). Check all the connections. Loose or bad connections will result in an unclear picture.


  • Why the incoming signal is unclear?

    The SV 9510 Signal Amplifier will not improve your picture as it will also amplify the noise in the signal. Please contact your antenna or satellite installer for further details

  • Will a signal booster improve the antenna signal?

    When the signal received is bad then the booster cannot change a bad signal into a good signal. It can convert a weak signal into a strong signal.


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