Wireless 2.4 Ghz TV Sender

SV 1715

Sends video and audio signals wirelessly from one room to another room

Maximise your digital TV experience

Wireless distribution of recordings, pay-tv, video and audio signal through walls and ceilings to your second TV in another room

Share your channels

Share your channels

Share your TV channels wirelessly with your second TV set, up to 50 meters

Additional Information

Product code SV 1715
Digital TV
STB (Satellite / Cable / Terrestrial)
Blu-Ray / DVD
Interference free technology
RCA connectors
Scart Cable included
Video signal input Composite (CVBS)
Video signal output Composite (CVBS)
Frequency 2.4 GHz
Channels 4
Range clear line of sight up to 50 meters
Antenna Internal
Frequency_IR 433.92 MHz
Remote signals (IR) 38 Khz
Antenna (IR) External
AC/DC adaptor 9C DC/300 mA


  • My AV Sender does not work with my Pace cable box or Scientific Atlanta Explorer4000DVB / 4200DVB

    The Pace cable box you have does not use standard infra red (IR) but Infra Red Data Association (IRDA). This is the protocol that PC peripherals and Palmtop computers use to communicate with each other. It's a lot faster than normal IR used for AV devices and it carries a lot more data (for example, one command of IR from a normal remote containes 2 or 3 bytes of data - the Pace box that uses IRDA sends 7 bytes for every key press. 

    It also incorporates 2-Way communication, whereas standard IR is only one-way, ie remote to device. So remotes with the correct chip will work, but the AV senders or extenders will not.

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