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  • Simple 3

    Simple 3

    URC 6430

    Works up to 3 devices (TV, Satellite, DVD and others)
  • Simple 4

    Simple 4

    URC 6440

    Works up to 4 devices (TV, Satellite, DVD, Amplifier and others)
  • Smart Zapper

    Smart Zapper

    URC 8810

    Turn your smart devices into an advanced remote control

    ✔ Free Batteries
    ✔ Free App


  • Tablet remote

    Tablet remote

    URC 8800

    Turn your tablet into a remote control for your TV, Satellite/Cable, DVD and more
  • TV Zapper

    TV Zapper

    URC 6810

    Works up to 3 devices (TV, STB and Audio). Easy to use.
  • Xsight Lite

    Xsight Lite

    URC 8610

    Works up to 6 devices (TV, Satellite, DVD, Amplifier, Mp3, Game console and others)
  • Zapper +

    Zapper +

    URC 6820

    Works up to 3 devices (TV, STB and Audio). With digit keys.