Working at One For All

One For All® is the consumer brand of Universal Electronics Inc. We are the inventor of the Universal Remote Control and the technology inside.

Universal Electronics however is a lot more than a remote control company. As a global leader in wireless control technology for over 20 years and a European leader in home antennas, supplier of wireless AV senders and universal brackets, we are shaping and defining what is possible in the connected home. Over 250 million people are estimated to touch our technology every week through remote controls, antennas, brackets and other A/V accessories. 

One For All® as our retail brand enriches the experience of being at home by offering comfort and convenience through our retail partners. That’s what makes One For All® a market leader and the single most advanced brand of universal remote controls and specific home A/V accessories in the market. 

To grow our business, we have a the following positions available:


National Sales Manager

Location: Home Office in The US

The National Sales Manager (NSM) is responsible for the Universal Electronics portfolio within the above mentioned sales channels, achieving budgeted Net sales through effectively managing volume, discounts and returns. Identify and secure incremental opportunities via data analysis, negotiation and retailer specific category growth extrapolation. The NSM will support the VP Consumer Sales with strategy planning and implementation and working closely with the marketing and product management teams located in our European Headquarters in the Netherlands. 

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